The spirit of human

Lately I’ve been thinking about sprit of human and stories of heaven and hell, Moyas culture, Sungod and Finish epic poem, story of Kalevala and even those are interesting topics – I don’t care about them at this moment.

I am interested in the human spirit, and specially in this case, the idea of a man who walks into hell.

This man has an ego like god, or a butcher and he don’t believe in afterlife – Too bad hell doesn’t give a shit what he believe.

This man is telling me, do you really think my sprit change? The way I think? My goals are always be the man in charge!
Do you really think what makes me change when I die? (I think he still don’t believe he is dead).

In my painting, he walk into hell with pride and think “Hell no, where I go the masses bow me”.

Darm, I hope I found more time to finish the first layer.


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