Sometimes oil painting ideas just waltz to my mind

Lately many peoples have been asking me where I get all of my ideas.

The answers are…at my life.

I am blessed with mind that have curiosity to everything and lovely imagination.

There are no boundaries’ or rules in my mind so I can look normal life and behaviors and wonder why something happens. It can start with simple think like making coffee or looking dance floor full of peoples and idea just waltz to my mind. Sometimes idea take me directions I never would have guessed.

Actually writing this post remind me of the time when I was a little boy.

When I was sick and shaking at my bead with fever I always dreamed strange but totally flat’s landscape’s full of moving rolls. That bizar dream was like a painting I need to do someday…

…sometimes the ideas are very clear and sometimes I need to start painting before the window in my mind open and make normal world much brighter and thinner.


…the question “where do you get your painting ideas” have given me idea of paint “Dawn of Mankind” so the second asver to that same question is…

just let your mind waltz and look your normal, everyday things like you haven’t been looking before and you may suprised what kind of ideas you get and if you need to ask, what I paint next, just stop doing it and look out of window and let you mind waltz free.

4 responses to “Sometimes oil painting ideas just waltz to my mind

  1. ‘…let your mind waltz’ – I am a writer and like you I let ideas emerge. It fascinates me that you as a painter use a music metaphor. I just spent a day on a beach with a group of writers. Each one returned to the ‘world’ with a totally different take on the inspiration they found there, though at the same time some themes echoed too. Thanks for your post- Diolch yn fawr!

  2. Thank you for commenting the post. Sometimes I see colors as a flowing music or creative mind as a river, dance beat or very old tree. It’s totally depends what kind of mood I am. Words are a bit same but sometimes I see them as a path of rocks….they consolidate the world around as.

    • I love photographing old trees – and decrepit stone barns. Though never knew why. And thanks for the image of words as a path of rocks. I love that, the creation of a unique path going who knows where…

      • Thank you again and I have to say I loved you comments and you give me 2 new painting ideas. Heh, as you can see you help to echoed some old ideas to new directions and now I have vision and small strories to put in to the canvas.

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