Dawn of Mankind

Originally I was playing around idea of human’s touch but then again, there is something about the modern human race and the way we understand this planet and space around use.
So I changed the real human bodies to general “modern” icons and make the touch the place where – everything start.

Modern human’s created technology and started to understand the space, planet’s, shapes, gravity, movement. Some of use even start to look outside of the mother planet.

I don’t think we can save this planet without changing attitude of human race and eventually this planet is going to die.

We are constantly raping it and using the resources to the point it can’t recovery and even if we win the human spirit and the bacteria’s its die when the Sun blow up.

It’s a way the nature and universum work.

There is time to born and time to die. This rule applies to everything – even to planets.  Its die and we die with it or someday we leave mother earth.
We are going to spread to all-around to galaxy but eventually the universe die…but that’s a story of another painting.

In the painting “Dawn of Mankind” I have many sub stories and you can find something that I haven’t thought at all. Actually, I really hope you do, because I have already heard some nice ones and seen reactions of looker’s faces…and…I…just…love…that.

Hope you enjoy it much as I do.


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