How to be a creative artist

After reading article how Marion Lavel-Jeantet injected herself with horse blood plasma and was using the horse shoes with her exhibition

–  I got an idea how anybody can call himself a creative artist.

So, here is my list of ideas what i create while drinking morning coffee: use it your own risk and contact your doctor before trying them.

Rat plasma and rat shoes = make your exhibition quest feel like how artist express himself with rat shoes and rat plasma running in wain.
Clue a feathers all around you and the walls.
Cat…naah, we all knows its old shits.
Dolphin plasma and balls….i think you get the idea. Basicly same that rat, but you need a aquarium too.
Giraffe plasma and the hump….be a strong desert animal and make a long exhibition without drinking. You will need a lot of sand too.

Anyway, got so many mornings coffee ideas and some of them are just…..way stranger.


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