I thought I killed him

Previously on this blog I wrote about the person who was walking in to hell. This person was a nihilist but start very fast live own live depths of my imagination and he send to my dreams many, still unpainted ideas and atmosphere’s of hell.

However, eventually he slowed down and did not return my dreams. I believed that my imagination was killed him, and leaved him remaining his own grim reality. This hell where he is was just an idea what he scared most.

I thought that that was a place where he wonders forever and never meet anyone – and for him it is a maximum penalty. Life, or live in hell where there is no other’s to control.

Now however, it’s seems that he just start to lose his mind and has arrived at one point of the path he is walking – a place where gravity, light and shadows are no longer connected to reality.

Or, at least not with reality he knows.

Someday, dear reader…you will see the painting here.

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