The Red Room

Even though I have a full table off ideas – a storm in a cup, the human mind is like a parachute, the atmosphere of fate, languid summer day, a kiss (painting atmosphere consists of a human hair and reflection of the image….it’s hard image to explain) desperate life or should I say the words that hurt and so much more, my mind was conquered by very simple painting – The red room.

Although, I see that this painting will only include just two thirds of the room, I already know that it is a place where universes travel when their stories are going to end.

In theory, there is either infinite or limited number of universes, but in my painting and my mind there is only one red room, it is unique, it’s never change and it’s a place where universes travel to form a new destiny.

However this room can only hold two universes…and what happens when two universes meet is a subject of another painting.

So, before I can paint anything else I need to get this image out of my head, or should I say – I am forced to paint the red room.

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