I met a girl at the bar

Last weekend I was at bar with my friends and we were just having fun, wild and wet weekend.  Many peoples want to talk to me and I spoke to lots of friends and strangers.

But only one woman makes impact to my mind.

She was eyes with inner peace and smile that destroy weak men’s.  So we talk, we make jokes and have a fun time just talking. But while the night just run faster I start to wonder what have been happens to him at past.  How you talk, how you react, walk tell a lot about you and – eyes don’t lie – something bad have been happened to him before she found himself.

So I asked, I wanted to know..

She is young, beautiful and already has been close to death three times of his life.

She has spirit of winner, because this month she beat the cancer – second time of her life. She may not lifelong – or it just can go opposite way. You never know. After all, she enjoys life much more now than ever. She understands how fractal is life and how every moment can be your last.

Death can bring life.

I hope I can paint him someday and show that smile and inner peace to everyone.

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