He have ego like Silvio Berlusconi

The egoist who lives in my imagination, the dead butcher, the one who live and die has climbed to top of him soul landscape or at least one of them.  (I think the man belief he is middle of bad dream and is sure he wakes up soon).

It’s amuse me that when he look down he see ancient Nazca lines but it puzzled me what he think to do next.

He is planning to make his own Nazca line and I wonder why.

I start to think he have ego like Silvio Berlusconi – who does whatever he wants.

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The lines are shallow designs made in the ground by removing the ubiquitous reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish ground beneath. The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, llamas, and lizards.

I need to re-think this painting idea.


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