hmm…how art open your mind?

You have an inners spirit and mind that grow even your brain cells stop growing after you past mail stone of 25 years.

But I have a question that I have been wondering lately.
Do we need stories, gurus, art and other outside pushes so our inner mind keep grow or is it possible without outside effects?

I mean, some folks never learn, some peoples just do the same error again and again.

You can talk persons who beliefs some ideas over 50 years and still can change opinion and adapt what they hear and re-think the issue. Some art students just don’t see art itself. They just see how it’s done technically but they lack the passion, ideas or creativity spirit.

We search god, power, sprits and understandings of life and we have done so many thousands of years and still…we are just start to walk in the road of understanding. Some peoples think they are right the way they see a god and some peoples think pain is only way to find or define yourself.

My point is, we are searching and learning even when body is stopping growing. But why some folks stop learning and growing very young age and some peoples can do it whole life. Why you want cut your inner self in stone and stops wondering?

I define life through passion.
Hell, I am very passionate with thinks I do….and I love red hair women’s and deep dark water.

Funny how mind wonder and paintings talk back to you when it does not have structure – It just reflects deeper feelings.

I post this painting soon.

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