Gay president

So, Finland could have a gay president soon.

Just wondering if there been openly gay man as a president before?

Of course there have been rumors about the Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan in USA but they are just rumors.

Now at Finland we have ongoing presidential election and one of our candidates is Green League Pekka Haavisto who is openly a gay and Sauli Niinisto, who is openly a….ou well, just boring fin.

Anyway, my vote goes to Haavisto because he was the first Green minister in Europe. He have been working at the UN and he has a lot of key relevant experience to be president.

I hope he wins.


2 responses to “Gay president

  1. Thanks for sharing those video links.
    Some of the info just remind me of some old school politician here in Finland, but hey, its just fun with booze, money, power and girls.

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