Last weekend

Last weekend was a busy time because I was doing my photography school homework’s, adjusted my pictures together, creating some digital art and photographed with my partner some sensitive images as well as the sinister base material’s to my future digital art.

Isa_11G4875 Isa_11G5048 Isa_11G4943


You can find my nude art and summer feeling pictures at my exhibition in Finland.

Yrityspalvelukeskus Leija 23.6.-7.7.2014
Pasilan kirjasto 7.7.-31.7.2014
Vuosaaren kirjasto31.7.-15.8.2014
Hakunilan kirjasto 15.8.-30.9.2014
Myyrmäkitalo 1.10.-21.10.2014
Sellon kirjasto 21.10.-4.11.2014
Kauniaisten kirjasto4.11.-22.11.2014
Kannelmäen kirjasto 22.11.2014-1.1.-2015

Rikhardinkadun kirjasto 1.1.-31.1.2015
Cafe Intro 1.2.-6.3.2015
Malmin kirjasto 23.2.-9.3.2015
Talvipuutarha 9.3.-9.4.2015
Cafe Cafe 9.4.-22.6.2015
Ravintola Babylon 22.6.-17.7.2015
Lohjan kirjasto 17.7-17.8.2015

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

I am studying now at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and I have to say I love it.

I have to say I am a bit surprised that before I start to my study I was worried that I lost my way to do art. Now I can say that is never going to happened and I have just get more tools to express myself.


There is a reason

There is so many reason why I stop to write to this blog but some years ago it help me to understand why I love art :) and it really open my dusty mind again.

I was lost, sad, angry and unhappy but now I feel just opposite way. So it is time to open my mind (and this blog) again so I will write here more after I move to new home with love of my life.

Sexy Werewolfs in moonlight

Artist life is funny sometimes. I was drinking my coffee and thinking about vampires and Quotes I read some time ago. So my twisted and hunted mind wanted to make this.

It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf or human to vampires or warewolfs.

werewolfs in moonlight

Marionette and master

Control your own destiny or someone else will.


Fairy and hunter

Someday little fairy I will catch you!