You can find my nude art and summer feeling pictures at my exhibition in Finland.

Yrityspalvelukeskus Leija 23.6.-7.7.2014
Pasilan kirjasto 7.7.-31.7.2014
Vuosaaren kirjasto31.7.-15.8.2014
Hakunilan kirjasto 15.8.-30.9.2014
Myyrmäkitalo 1.10.-21.10.2014
Sellon kirjasto 21.10.-4.11.2014
Kauniaisten kirjasto4.11.-22.11.2014
Kannelmäen kirjasto 22.11.2014-1.1.-2015

Rikhardinkadun kirjasto 1.1.-31.1.2015
Cafe Intro 1.2.-6.3.2015
Malmin kirjasto 23.2.-9.3.2015
Talvipuutarha 9.3.-9.4.2015
Cafe Cafe 9.4.-22.6.2015
Ravintola Babylon 22.6.-17.7.2015
Lohjan kirjasto 17.7-17.8.2015

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

I am studying now at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and I have to say I love it.

I have to say I am a bit surprised that before I start to my study I was worried that I lost my way to do art. Now I can say that is never going to happened and I have just get more tools to express myself.


There is a reason

There is so many reason why I stop to write to this blog but some years ago it help me to understand why I love art :) and it really open my dusty mind again.

I was lost, sad, angry and unhappy but now I feel just opposite way. So it is time to open my mind (and this blog) again so I will write here more after I move to new home with love of my life.

Sexy Werewolfs in moonlight

Artist life is funny sometimes. I was drinking my coffee and thinking about vampires and Quotes I read some time ago. So my twisted and hunted mind wanted to make this.

It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf or human to vampires or warewolfs.

werewolfs in moonlight

Marionette and master

Control your own destiny or someone else will.


Fairy and hunter

Someday little fairy I will catch you!


Winter photos

The last couple of months, the weather in Finland have been just a dull gray and the sky look like a hazy vomit and I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for nice light blue winter sky. Finally we have a sun and light but still we are missing clouds to take perfect photos….but I like the long shadows in snow forest and took some nice pictures.