About me

Hi Everyone
Let’s tell a bit about me and why this blog exists.

My name is Kari Vuorio and I’m a full-time photographer, visual artist & marketing professional.

I do my work with passion and I think is shows in my work. I am specializing in photography, oil paintings and advertisements – so basically I am mix of artist and art director and a sales personality’s.

What can I say? I love creativity field and my job where I can do a bit of everything.

This blog have three main reasons: a sense of community; regular writing exercise and memorizing my own feelings and art ideas. Of course I can put it in nutshell almost similar way that famous Lord Byron “ If I don’t write and paint to empty my mind, I go mad”.

I hope you enjoy my blog site and feel free to Contact Me if you have any suggestions, questions or additional information that others might find useful.


2 responses to “About me

  1. Hei! Kaunis blogi sinulla. Tuota Lord Byronin sitaattia olen itsekin käyttänyt monissa yhteyksissä 🙂 Mukavaa viikonloppua sinne!

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